Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 2

Thuesday update!

And to present the results from the previous poll, you fans were asked who out of the three original females in the LoQO games was your favorite, and this time 2518 people voted! 

Won by 41%, being 1049 of the votes.
Second with 37%, 938 of the votes.
Came last, 21% with 531 of the votes.

And before people scream bloody murder, yes, there was cheating this time too with Osira getting around 400 votes that won't count, which mean she is actually nearly tied with Opala instead while Farah got a huge win of both of her daughters votes combined!

This week I'm sharing another emoticon from the game, this time Laquadia - Normal Expression.
For some reason the original JPEG emoticon came out slightly grey and tried to download itself as a txt file when you clicked on it, so I've updated with the PNG version instead, should fix it! :3

Otherwise I don't have much news, beta is still coming this month, there are just a few things that takes ages to add and correct, been working two full days on the gallery alone, and that is even though I imported the LoQOII version and focused all attention on modifying the layout instead and better graphics...still took 12 full hours of pure work to add what "little" you can access when the beta finally hit. xD

And that'll be all for this week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon

No surprises here, Thuesday update!

So it's time to present the results from the previous poll, you fans were asked what the most important act in an adult scene within the game was and 2349 people voted...it was really close between all options!

Vaginal Sex
Won by 59%, being 1388 of the votes.
Anal Sex
Second with 53%, 1250 of the votes.
Third with 49%, 1172 of the votes.
Fourth with 47%, 1115 of the votes.
Came fifth, 44% with 1050 of the votes.

Came last, 34% with 817 of the votes.

Yes, it does look really fucked up how so many can have such high percentage, but remember that each person could vote on several options this time! Though I'm happy to see Anal Sex doing so well, since it's my favorite! xD

And on the side here is an sample of who'll be doing the portraits for the game, Seth.
He did a few bonus artworks for the previous game, but this time I hired him to draw all female emoticons, and might end up doing some of the male characters too.
What you see here is Gabrielle - Normal Expression.

Speaking about which, earlier I mentioned a kind of mini-game where you can make Farah expose her tits to stranger and earn a little pocket money in exchange, now I'm also working on adding a second feature that involves plenty of men, mugs and taverns...plus adding Gabrielle to the mix.
And the beta for this month is still on the way, I'm just working on polishing a few rough edges so the beta doesn't look like an...alpha build. (harr harr harr)

A little slim news week maybe, but more to come next Thuesday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Magihound

Thuesday update again, it almost feels like there is one every week!

So let's begin with the results of the previous poll as always, this time you fans where asked if you'd like being able to romance any of the two suggested "furries" listed in a previous update entry.

I wanted to say we had a record count of 8227 votes, but sadly one or more people cheated and rigged the poll with around 1000-2000 votes.

Both of them
Won by 47%, being 3886 of the votes.
None of them
Second with 33%, 2796 of the votes.
Came third, 13% with 1079 of the votes.
Came last, 5% with 466 of the votes.

Since it's a bit harder to judge a clear winner with the cheating, I'd say the result was around 50-50 on if any furries should be available for romance or not.

Either way, the illustration this week is of the new species I'm introducing to the nation of the Beldorian Empire, they're called Magihounds and works as partners for knights in the Beldorian Forces, assisting them with spells for those knights who aren't capable of using magic themselves and being excellent trackers.

This specific one shown in the art is currently named Kythe and belongs to the protagonist, he will also be a partymember you'll gain on your journey!

And that'll be all for this week!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself, today! I'm such a horrible person...

That aside, the poll for this week looks interesting, surely with the help of visual samples.
Last time I asked if you would you like to be able a addition woman, outside of the original nine, the twist being she'd be a furry or not a character included at all, it had a record number of 3822 votes, and this is how you voted! 

No, thanks
Won by 55%, being 2106 of the votes.
I don't approve
Lost by 44%, being 1716 of the votes.

Though it looks like a pair of furry tits, or two sets, will be winning this time!
And if you plan to vote this week and hasn't done it yet, don't forget the two featured furries are just one post below this one in the form of Nipha the Sphinx and Layla the Mare!

And of course, to end this week on a high note, here is a little present for you all to enjoy this day!
Gabrielle and Gabe, spending their birthday together...now, isn't that sweet!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Nipha and Layla

Bonus round!

The last poll were really close with a record number of votes, so I thought to elaborate it a bit more by presenting the characters in question to give you fans a better idea of what girls you'd be voting for or against.

On the left side we have Nipha, a teenage Sphinx without wings we've seen showing up in both LoQO and LoQOII, she is the playfull type and would be a potential romancing option.
On the right side we have Layla, the mother of Eclipse, the horseman introduced in LoQOII and one of the villains that didn't get any permanent closure in that game.
She too would be a potential romancing option.

As mentioned, both are potential romancing options as they would take the roll of a shopkeeper you could recruite for your..."home", that is why Latex from LoQOII wouldn't fit in this time.

Now go and make your vote count in the related poll!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gabrielle

Thuesday update, bet you never saw that coming!

So let's start with the results of the previous poll where I asked if the villain Crayden and his sister Laquadia should have some kind of incest relationship going on, 1086 people voted!

I love the idea
Won by 68%, being 744 of the votes.
It doesn't matter
Came second with 21%, 238 of the votes.
I don't approve
Came last, 9% with 104 of the votes.

That is a pretty big win for love...err, kinda!
As for the poll going on right now, I'll probably have to make it again for next week but mention specific characters instead, along with adding character presentations of the candidates rather than making you people believe they are just some random furries.

As for the state of the Eastern Edition, no final decision has yet been made, it'll either be the same artist staying for this time too, or another japanese illustrator I have waiting to step in if needed.
But I'll still keep you updated if anything changes!

And to sorta celebrate my birthday hitting next week, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the battlepose for Gabrielle as she'll appear in the game, she has left the life of a Trading Card figure and being a stable mare for a year to try her luck as a highway bandit...but will she be successful...for once? That remains to be seen once the episode is released next year, or already next month for those who helped crowdfund this game and secured themselves playable beta versions which starts rolling out in August!

(But no, it's not the entire Episode 1 in the first playable beta)

Anyway, that'll be all for now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Masquerade

Here we are again with a brand new update!

In the previous poll, I asked what you'd prefer to see fucking the women in LoQO: Origin and the amount votes this time sure beated the other one with 2646 votes collected!

Won by 37%, being 990 of the votes.
Came second with 24%, 652 of the votes.
Came third with 19%, 524 of the votes.
Came last, 18% with 480 of the votes.

And now onto some bad news...
The japanese artist for the eastern edition might be replaced, or the eastern option might disappear altogether.

Nothing is decided as of yet,
but the work by the artist who also did all the eastern edition illustrations in LoQOII hasn't been able to keep up the quality I expected.
I'm not going into details, but it's not a cost issue and I rather remove things then having stuff that lowers the overall quality of the gaming experience and impression you get from playing.
And this is why I do two "versions" of the game at the same time, for those who have doubted my methods in the past, so I still have something to fall back on in case one versions gets screwed up along production. x3

If something changes or a decision is made during the course of the week before next Thusday, I'll make a extra announcement to keep you updated!

With that out of the way, I can counter the bad news by saying the Western Edition and overall game production is coming along very smoothly with currently two full scenes available, along with three mini-scenes.

I'm also letting you guys take a look at Masquerade's battlepose for the game, the crazy bounty hunter who'll be sent to track down and kill you on your journey...though the very first time you meet her, it'll be on neutral ground and she'll even give your "package" a squeeze!

Unless something comes up, stay tuned for next week!